Where We Work

The Leprosy Mission is an international Christian development organisation. It works in around 30 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, bringing healing & justice to people affected by leprosy. Its ultimate goal is to eradicate the causes & consequences of leprosy.

The Leprosy Mission is a global fellowship. The member countries are equal partners in the drive to deliver healing & justice to defeat leprosy and transform lives.

The members work together to ensure that the programmes in each Implementing Country are appropriately targeted, resourced and delivered to achieve maximum impact in the fight against leprosy.

Supporting countries, like Scotland, uphold their partners financially, practically and prayerfully to deliver the care that is needed. (Support is also received from countries which are not members of the global fellowship. Some Implementing Countries also generate local support.)

The Leprosy Mission Scotland has agreed that for the next few years most, if not all, of the support raised in Scotland will go to help people affected by leprosy in just 7 of the countries where The Leprosy Mission works: Angola, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria and South Sudan.

By focusing all our attention on these countries we can maximise the impact of every gift, financial or otherwise, we receive.

We will be working closely with our colleagues in these countries to ensure that your gifts are targeted to make the biggest difference to people affected by leprosy. We will all be encouraged and inspired as we see this difference for ourselves.

To generate the financial support required by our partner countries this year we are asking you, our supporters, to give directly to your choice of country.