The Leprosy Mission Worldwide

The Leprosy Mission is a leading international Christian organisation with over 130 years of experience. It serves a population of 305 million people across over 200 projects.

The Leprosy Mission believes that God has called it to its vision of a world without leprosy; a world in which the causes and the consequences of leprosy have been completely eradicated.

In all its work, in both Implementing Countries and Supporting Countries (like Scotland), The Leprosy Mission strives to be

like Jesus
• motivated by the gospel
• compassionate towards those we serve; those in difficulty, those excuded from society or oppressed
• praying unceasingly for everyone associated with the mission and all those we are called to serve
• passionate about our message

• valuing each person, those affected by leprosy as well as supporters, volunteers and colleagues
• working with people and groups whatever their background, size or location; at every level of need

• in our attitude, actions and management
• presenting an image that gives people confidence in our abilities and our integrity
• working to officially recognised standards and best practice
• striving for excellence in all we do, and helping each other to achieve this.
and appropriate
• in our practice
• working in ways that are accessible by all segments of society
• recognising our own limitations

• working for authentic participation
• welcoming and encouraging new ideas from any quarter that will bring us closer to our vision
• promoting dignity
• seeking to empower others to participate and make a meaningful contribution towards our goal

The Leprosy Mission International is the central hub for everything that each of the members of the mission contributes to the drive for a world without leprosy. It manages the big picture, helping to align the efforts in each country to have the maximum impact.

On its website you can find out more about what is happening all over the world to tackle the causes and consequences of leprosy.